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I'm baaaack!

I have been super neglectful of my blog during the covid season. My last entry was also my first entry back in 2020, which is pretty abysmal. But let's face it? The last two years have been pretty rough on everyone, and given the state of the world and everything that has gone down, I am going to cut myself a bit of slack and just start fresh.

But first a quick sum up: at the dawning of 2021 I was really working hard at upgrading my 2-d portfolio. I had entered a few SCBWI portfolio showcases, and I was getting requests from agents asking me to submit to them. But right around this time a year ago, I had an artist block and felt burned out. I was getting a lot of animation job offers and I ended up taking a full time position at Evil Eye Pictures who is an official vendor for Epic Games. They are some really great people and I learned a ton there, and I even got to storyboard a bit! But after nine months of not having a ton of extra-curricular time, I realized that I am not any closer to my picture book dreams and I wasn't drawing enough. (Which for me right now is a big no no.)

After much sad partings, (and a very understanding and supportive executive team) I quit in December 2021 and jumped full board back into writing and illustrating. The goal being, to polish up some manuscripts and dummies and start querying for agents. I joined Julie Heinland's 12x12Challenge and two different author/illustrator critique groups and have been pretty focused ever since.

So for 2022, I plan to be a lot more vocal and update this blog regularly. It is only March and a lot has happened but I will devote other blog entries for more detailed updates. Until then, carry on my people! Thank you for being there and supporting.

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