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Represented by Ann Rose

About me

My name is Melanie and I wear many hats. Preferably funny, expressive ones that tell stories. I spent many years as a character animator for big animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks, and on smaller short projects for places like Amazon and Google. But now I spend my days working as an author/illustrator.  


My emphasis is on character design, animated posing and I love drawing animals. The stories I tell range from the lighter side – emphasizing kids and animals in imaginative and funny situations, to the more serious side, with a passionate interest in conservation and the environment.  I have a soft spot for stories that allow kids to relate to differences and emotions in a positive way.


I love research and will often fall down rabbit holes while doing it. I have a couple of artistic styles and I will bounce back and forth depending on the tone of the illustration. I also like big sloppy dogs, long walks with friends, and if you buy me cheese I will love you forever! 

Fun Facts

  • I live in a small cabin the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

  • I have a husband, two teenagers, a GSMD dog and a cranky cat. 

  • I have worked on some of the most iconic and recognizable characters but I can still walk into a supermarket and nobody knows me. 

  • My favorite thing about school visits is encouraging students that anyone can draw. 

  • Don't go to movies with me unless you want to listen to my sound FX and endless commentary. 

  • I am geekier than the average bear. 

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